Products tagged with Alma hanglamp

Glass Drop clear

Glass in the shape of a drop from the Drop hanging lamp by Alma. This clear glass drop is clamped onto the fitting.

Hanging lamp Drops 19 lights

Design hanging lamp chrome Drop, and is very suitable above an elongated, round or square table. Provides a lot of light, can also be used as a vide lamp (wires can be a maximum of 1.80)

Hanging lamp Drop 1 light

Hanging lamp Drop 1 light. with clear glass.

Hanging lamp Drop 37 lights

Hanging lamp Drop 37 lights, clear drop glass with Led

Hanging lamp Drop 19 lights 3.50 cm

Hanging lamp Drops 19 lights LED with a length of 3.50 cm.

Ceiling lamp Drop Led

Ceiling lamp Drop 19 lights LED