Ceiling lamp Orleans

Very exclusive Orleans round ceiling lamp with LED in various colors.

Wall lamp Diaz S

Wall lamp Diaz S wall lamp with integrated LED of 2 x 3 watts.

Ceiling lamp Chicago

Very exclusive Chicago round ceiling lamp with LED in various colors. Diameter 15 cm.

Wall lamp Cube

Wall lamp Cube, a more exclusive wall lamp with integrated LED.

Wall lamp Layers

Wall lamp Layers wall lamp in bronze or black with gold.

Ceiling beam 2 holes

Ceiling beam 2 lights (for 2 hanging lamps) 120 cm.

Phoenix hanging lamp

Phoenix hanging lamp in 4 colours, with 7 watt integrated LED

Wall lamp Sharp with LED

Wall lamp Sharp white, black or black-gold with integrated LED. IP54 so also suitable for outside or bathroom.

Wall lamp Rolls

Wall lamp Rolls wall lamp in bronze or black with gold.

Hanging lamp Denver Black

Hanging lamp Denver Black with LED. AVAILABLE IN STORE!!!

Table lamp Megano

Table lamp Megano Black 1 light from Light and Living.

Wall lamp Diaz L

Wall lamp Diaz L with integrated LED of 2 x 6 watts.

Wall lamp Easy USB

Wall lamp Easy USB in black or white version of the Licht en Wonen brand

Floor lamp Megano 3 lights

Floor lamp Megano Black 3 lights from Light and Living. Can be seen in store.

Wall lamp Hudson

Hudson LED wall lamp made of aluminium, with glass. Available in various colours.

Double recessed spotlight Alice

New rectangular double recessed spotlight Alice.

Spot Laguna white 1 light Led

Very nice exclusive spotlight from the Laguna series, the 1 light version. You can choose from various colors on the inside (insert) of the spot.

Table lamp Best

Beautiful design table lamp, preferably made entirely of metal in black-gold, matte gold or bronze. Height 40 or 50 cm

Hanging lamp Denver 3 lights

The Denver is a beautiful, subtle aluminum hanging lamp in a spherical shape with a diameter of 10 cm

Floor lamp Dajano 1 light

Floor lamp Dajano a separate fixture or complete with 1 glass (bright gold)

Wall lamp Dante2 XL

Wall lamp Dante2 XL with the dimensions 9 x 10 x 24 cm. Because the lamps are placed in a deeper fixture, you get a tight light beam.

Ceiling lamp Paradise

Ceiling lamp Paradise smoke (choice of smoke mirror or smoke gray) or amber glass in a round shape with a diameter of 28 cm.

Double recessed spot Rex

Very nice new oval double recessed spot Rex in black or white. Available in black in store.

Floor lamp Palermo

The Palermo is a beautiful bronze, antique bronze or black reading lamp with LED and a dimmer halfway down the rod.


Light and living is a young brand on the Dutch lighting market. This supplier's motto is that everything becomes more beautiful with light. The collection of lamps they sell also ensures that it becomes more beautiful. The absolute highlight of their range is currently the series Draga ceiling lamps and Draga hanging lamps that do very well in every living room, bedroom or hallway. Furthermore, they are strong in modern lighting for a competitive price. They sell authentic hanging lamps and ceiling lamps made of glass and steel under the Gipsen brand. Light collection sells the complete collection of light and living.