Bathroom lighting

Ceiling lamp Bathroom Led

Ceiling lamp Ikaro Bathroom Led with a diameter of 18, 22.5 or 30 cm.

Spot Rain 2 light Led Bar

Spot Rain Stainless steel, white or black 2 lights also suitable for the bathroom with LED. To be seen in store.

Wall lamp Bathroom Jenno

Wall lamp Bathroom Jenno black. with opal white round glass.

Spot Alto Stainless Steel 2 light Led

Spot Alto 2 lights with LED, which has been thought about by unscrewing the ring from the spot, the lamp can be replaced.

Spot Rain 3 lights

Stainless steel 3 light spot on a round plate. Spots are rotatable and tiltable. The spot does not include LED lamps. Also suitable for bathroom.

Ceiling lamp Biskit

Simple functional ceiling lamp Biskit with LED and motion sensor.

Wall lamp Axi bathroom

Lucid bathroom wall lamp Axi made of aluminum completely black or white.

Ceiling spotlight Taylor

Ceiling spotlight Taylor 2 lights Suitable for the bathroom on the ceiling.

Jesse bathroom wall lamp

Wall lamp Bathroom Jesse black with opal white round glass at the end.

Wall lamp Sharp with LED

Wall lamp Sharp white, black or black-gold with integrated LED. IP54 so also suitable for outside or bathroom.

Wall lamp Logan

Logan wall lamp for the wall in black, with day and night sensor

Spot Oliver 3 light beam

The Oliver 3 light spot on a beam. Spots can be rotated and tilted. The spotlight does not include LED lamps. Also suitable for bathroom.

Spot Oliver 3 lights

The Oliver 3 light spot on a round plate. Spots are rotatable and tiltable. The spot does not include LED lamps. Also suitable for bathroom.

Ceiling lamp Camillus 26 cm

Ceiling lamp Camillus nice and flat in the round with a diameter of 26 cm with LED, with a height of only 3 cm.

Recessed spotlight Pélite

Recessed spotlight Pélite round stainless steel, black or white with GU10 fitting. Very suitable for the bathroom. BLACK delivery time unknown.

Spot Lennert LED 2 lights

Spot Lennert 2 lights with LED that are also dimmable.

Wall lamp Alexa

Lucide bathroom wall lamp Alexa made of aluminum, completely black or gold..

Ceiling lamp Trudy

Ceiling lamp Trudy 3 lights with glass balls on it. The glasses are smoke or white in color.

Ceiling lamp Punt Large

Art deco ceiling lamp with a white opal point glass.

Ceiling lamp Small Pointy

Ceiling lamp by Art Deco with a white glossy opal point glass. Classics point glass

Bathroom lamp Carlyn

Tough bathroom wall lamp Carlyn in black or white, with IP54. On display in store.

Spot Rain beam 3 lights

Spot Rain beam with a length of 40 cm, and on it 3 spots that can be tilted and rotated.

Spot Rain 2 lights

Stainless steel or black 2 light spot on a round plate. Spots can be rotated and tilted. The spot does not include 2 LED lamps, also suitable for the bathroom.

Ceiling lamp Basic Square LED 26 cm

Basic Square ceiling lamp with LED and 26 x 26 cm.


Bathroom lamps are essential for a well-lit and functional bathroom. They not only provide the necessary lighting to see what you are doing, but can also play an important role in creating the right atmosphere and ambiance in the bathroom. It is important to take the humid environment and safety standards into account when choosing bathroom lamps to ensure that the lamps are suitable for use in this room. There are different types of bathroom lamps available, from ceiling lamps and wall lamps to mirror lamps and recessed spotlights. Wall lamps and mirror lamps are popular because of their functional nature and provide targeted lighting for tasks such as shaving or putting on make-up. Recessed spotlights are a good option if you want a sleek and modern design, while ceiling lights illuminate the entire bathroom and provide a wider light distribution.